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    Solar ultra-clear patterned glass is a kind of transparent glass with one side or both sides with concave and convex patterns formed through a special rolling technique. Its reflectance is much lower than common transparent glass. Particular patterns greatly increase solar inclined angle penetration. It can absorb visible light in a maximum range and limit. This improves the photo-electricity conversion efficiency of solar panels. This product is resistant to solar radiation containing ultraviolet rays without reducing light transmittance. Its resistance to alkali, mildew and aging are superior to common flat ultra-white glass under all climates and conditions. Used as the cover plate glass of solar panel modules, it is strong enough to protect the solar panel modules from external damage.


    Products Features:


1.Total solar transmittance(3.2mm thickness): ≥91%; Iron content(Fe2O3≤120ppm;


2.Glass thickness: 2.5mm-6mm; Normal thickness: 3.2mm; Thickness tolerance: ±0.15mm;


3.Common specifications1605 ×840mm ,1512× 706mm ,800 ×700mm


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