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    Online TCO glass is a kind of “hard coating” glass which has high visible light transmittance, high electrical conductivity. It is used as substrates for thin-film solar cell glass.  


    Online TCO glass uses Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coating technology, sputtering coating materials in gaseous form onto clean, high speed pulling float glass melt surface at high temperature, which a sandwich-type composite film of "glass / multi-layer barrier coating / multi-layer conductive coating". By reactive modifiers and haze modifiers to adjust the film surface electrical resistance and haze, it meets the requirement of amorphous silicon thin film solar cells to the transparent electrode film material.


    When sunlight passes onto the glass solar cell, about 4% of sunlight is reflect by the glass surface. Reducing the glass surface reflectance can increase the conversion efficiency of the solar cell module. According to research, solar cell module made by suede glass can increase conversion efficiency by 1% under direct sunlight, and by 3% under the slanting sunlight. As the slanting sunlight time is much longer than the direct sunlight time, the suede glass solar cell module is a great improvement. The optical and the suede effect are made at the same time for online TCO glass. It can be produced in large scale production,of more than 5 square meters, several times that of Monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar cell. It is the main upstream product of thin film solar cell.


    Products Features:


1.  Surface resistance ≤13Ω


2.  Visible light transmission 77%


3.  Haze 8%--14%


4.  It has excellent heat, cold, wet resistance


5.  Suitable for long-time storage, delivery at any time, no shelf life constraints


6.  Under normal environmental conditions, the film will not fall off, go mildew or decay.


7.  Film rugged, good wear resistance and easy handling and processing


8.  Easy to be bending and tempered.






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