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Human Resources 


    China Glass is dedicated to combining humanistic management and innovation mechanism, aiming to achieve win-win of the company and its employees. The company makes every effort to create and sustain a positive, healthy, and motivating working environment and company culture. We offer competitive remuneration and welfare to our employees, provide training in all forms, and work to enhance professional development of our employees. Through performance assessment, talent selection system, and internal exchange programs, we advocate fair competition and dynamic management.



Compensation &  Welfare




   We offer competitive remuneration and welfare to our employees. 


   Salary is comprised of fixed and floating part. Floating salary is performance-based, and target-oriented. 




1、Social Insurances:


1) Pension, Medical, Occupational Injury, Unemployment, Maternity Insurance, etc. 


2) Other Insurance: Supplementary Medical Insurance;


2、Housing Provident Funds 


3、Paid Leave 


sabbatical leave, annual paid vacation, maternity leave, and marital leave, etc. 



Training & Development 


(一)New staff orientation 


1 、Orientation: enterprise Vision, company culture, history, rules & policies, introduction of departments, meeting and chat with current staff, etc. 


2 、Internship 




1 、Working Skill Competition 


2 、Apprenticeship 


3 、Short-term full-time training: technological exchange and learning between production bases;


4、professional knowledge training: open class, internal session.




     We also emphasize self learning, and encourage employees to develop innovation capabilities. 









1)Recruitment information release 


2)First interview 


3)Second interview 


4)Background check


5)Body check 




2、Contact us:


Tel: 010---69773521   Fax:010---69781273


Email: hr@chinaglassholdings.com



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